Music for Generative Work

Spoiler: electronica, trance, and repetitive beats

What music do you listen to when doing generative work?

As a writer, generative work for me means writing, though my creativity can also flow in certain parts of sewing (like free motion quilting). Generative work means creating a brand new something - in my case writing, but for you it could be wood working, painting, carving, baking, dancing, etc.

When I’m creating new work, I lean hard on electronica, trance type music: same type of beat, very little words, not too hard, nor too slow, nothing that will distract me from what's pouring out onto the page. 

Sometimes tapping into emotion is a good way to keep the story flowing.

This Spotify playlist has been my soundtrack for a few years now while writing the Rebel Heart book. There are four or five songs on here (I think) that don't fall into the electronica/trance genre, but they mean something to me in relation to the Rebel Heart story. I think of them as 'break' songs - songs that signal to take a break, or sit back and get lost in waves of emotions, be they peaks or valleys. Sometimes tapping into emotion is a good way to keep the story flowing.

My husband, Eric, turned me onto this type of music. He said a lot of coders listen to similar music coding.  I'm not a coder, but this sure does it for me when generating new work. Would love to know what you listen to when creating. What type of music? Or do you prefer podcasts? TV show reruns? The background noise of a cafe or public space? Or maybe you prefer sweet, sweet silence.

Here’s the link again to the Spotify playlist. If you like my list, feel free to copy it in Spotify and make it your own, or just follow and listen along as I add new songs.

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