I've just finished the manuscript of my real-life adventure story of life aboard Rebel Heart and am represented by agents Aemilia Phillips and David Patterson of Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency.

Essays, Articles, Interviews

I Was Parent-Shamed When We Had An Emergency At Sea. Now I’m Defending My Family. (HuffPost).

INTERVIEW: Guest on Rudy Caseres’ Facebook Live. (No Restraints with Rudy Caseres).

INTERVIEW: Which rock to turn over at the WWSA 2018 Gathering? (Sail-World Cruising).

What Comes Out is Screaming. (Sammiches & Psych Meds).

Sailing the World (Pregnant) - Part 1. On the first leg of their journey, the Kaufman family never expected such a bumpy ride (with one bump being particularly surprising). (San Diego Magazine).

Sailing the World (Pregnant) - Part 2. A fearless San Diego couple, mid-journey around the world, docks in Puerto Vallarta for a natural birth. (San Diego Magazine).

Sailing the World (Pregnant) - Part 3. Even Adventurers Get the Blues. (San Diego Magazine).

Media on the Rebel Heart Rescue

FEATURE: Call for Help. (This American Life, Episode 525).

FEATURE: Rebel Heart. Air Force Pararescue Team Saves Sick Baby 1,000 Miles Out at Sea. (Journal of Emergency Medicine).

INTERVIEW: Pararescuemen from the 131st Rescue Squadron speak at a press conference about the Rebel Heart search and rescue mission. (DVIDS).

Judge the ‘Rebel Heart’ Sailboat Parents, or Envy Them? (The New York Times).

2 Tots, a Sailboat and a Storm Over Parenting. (The New York Times).

Rescued at Sea, Family Is Safe in San Diego. (The New York Times.)

Growing Up at Sea. (The New York Times).

Family defends taking infant to sea following rescue by Navy task force. (The Washington Post).

What Qualifies As Dangerous Parenting? (Outside Magazine).

The sea-rescue mission that saved a sick infant carries one hefty pricetag. (The Washington Post).

Raising a Child Dangerously. Adventure sailing with young children can be risky. It’s also the best way I know how to parent. (Slate).

Don’t Judge the Sailboat Rescue Parents. (Salon).

In Defense of Rebel Heart, Cruising Families and Choosing a Life Less Ordinary. (Cruising World).

#KidsOnBoats and #RebelHeart hashtag origination video. (Youtube).

Baby On Board: Cruising with Kids and Dangerous Parenting. (

Normalizing the View of Life Afloat. (

Crazy People, Taking Children Cruising. (