INTRO TO AN EXPERT: Navy Commander Bill Manning (Ret.)

Public post. This post was first published on my Patreon:

This is my neighbor, Navy Commander Bill Manning (Ret). He has a career’s worth of experience in anti-submarine warfare, carrier ops, executive level assignments in Hawaii, and working with Top Gun. Pretty cool, right? And that’s not even the half of it. He flew rescue operations out of Lemoore Naval Base, including many daring rescues in Yosemite and the Eastern Sierras. I’ve spent several hours now interviewing him and asking him questions for details in my action-adventure novel. He’s an expert pilot (both planes and helicopters) but it’s the helicopter expertise I’m focusing on in my book.

I mentioned in my first post that I need to come up with a name for the action-adventure novel so I’ve decided to call it Project X for now. If I reveal the actual name too soon I might jinx something which is pure writer’s superstition, but there you go, I’m a writer. Parents do this too with their children’s names, keeping them a secret until they’re finally born. And this current novel is actively in gestation mode. 

I plan to interview a Navy S.E.A.L or two for Project X as well, so if you know an active duty S.E.A.L. based out of Naval Base Coronado, please let me know. Likewise, I need to talk to someone who is an experienced hang glider. Bonus if the hang glider is based out of San Diego (where much of Project X takes place.)

I’ll be introducing you to more of the experts I’m interviewing for my upcoming projects though I think Bill might be my favorite. He’s an awesome neighbor, wonderful to our kids, and he cooks a mean steak. Thank you, Bill, for answering my endless questions!

Charlotte Kaufman and Bill Manning.gif