Monthly Retrospective | September 2018

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Hello, friends!

It’s October 1st!! If you haven’t been able to follow all my posts this month, you can find the monthly recap below. Thank you for being a patron and supporting me!

All the Things | September 2018

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Hello September, checking in with bipolar disorder. One would think with a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder that I would be used to going up and down. That is not the case. In this post I let readers know about being in a down phase, about medication changes, and that although I was quiet, I was hanging on and knew I’d be on an eventual upswing.

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I shared this epic photo of my husband, Eric Kaufman, and my thoughts on how our relationship works so well and the hard work we’ve put in to make it a success for almost 15 years.

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Why I Didn’t Report. My own #MeToo. I wrote a post about outing my father four years ago as an unprosecuted, unregistered sex offender and it blew up on social media. You can read the Facebook post here. I also reposted it on the Patreon.

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I wrote about What Happens After You Get a Literary Agent in this post here. Many readers and aspiring authors have asked me about the next steps after you sign with a literary agent so I broke down the steps for them. I’m currently on step three (editing and sometimes rounds of editing.)

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I wrote in Los Angeles. I’m a far more effective writer if I can get away from my family (I love my family, don’t get me wrong) and just be alone with my thoughts and words. In this post I update readers on how I went to LA to work on the Rebel Heart book but for the first 48 hours ended up writing another piece about parenting as a survivor of sexual abuse in the age of #MeToo, #BelieveWomen, #WhyIDidntReport, and how the Kavanaugh hearings have affected those things as well.


Patron Only Happenings

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September Exclusive Content Sent (Patrons $5/month+). This piece is called The Fog and was written last January as I was clawing my way out of another depression:

September Hangout Chat for $10+ Patrons: was scheduled for September 20th:

Your Name In Lights! For at the $2/month or higher level, I’ve updated my Supporters Page to include your first name and last initial. If I’ve missed your name, tell me, I’m human and make mistakes and won’t mind at all if you point out I’ve missed you!


How to Change Your Reward Levels. You can update your levels here to a higher or lower amount anytime. I appreciate your support at all levels!


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Life Stuff: This is the face of a human living through the events of the past few days while writing about past experiences and how they have shaped and informed my parenting in the age of #MeToo. An update post on social media.

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Life Stuff: A bright spot during dark days. I got to sing back-up on Amanda Palmer's new album while in Los Angeles. Ahhhhhh! THIS is why I freaking love Patreon. You get to interact with the artists you support. She put a call out on her Patreon for back-up singers in Los Angeles and I was there at the right place and the right time. I fangirl'd so hard!

Photo by Amanda Palmer.

Photo by Amanda Palmer.

Headed to San Diego after Los Angeles for more writing. Wishing you all love, support, and productivity!

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{ The concept of a State of All Things was inspired by artist Amanda Palmer. You can read my first State of all Things post here. It describes why I’m following in her footsteps and doing a monthly update to my supporters. )