Monthly Retrospective | July 2018

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A hearty welcome to new patrons who have joined us this month.

I’m so happy that it’s August 1st. July is always a buckle-up-and-hold-on kind of month and this year was no exception. In the spirit of how this month went, I’m going to jump right into the All the Things from July and re-hash what went down.

All the Things | July 2018

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I Signed with a Literary Agent, well, two actually! I’m jumping out of chronological order to go right for the big news. If you missed my post here or on social media, I signed with agents Aemilia Phillips and David Patterson of Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency. This was by far the biggest news of the month and probably my whole year. Signing with Aemilia and David gets me that much closer to publication and finally telling my story, our story, THE story of how Eric and I met, decided to take our family sailing, and what happened out on the Pacific Ocean aboard our boat, Rebel Heart.

Many of you have asked what signing with an agent means, as in, ‘what does an agent do to get a book published?’ I have a post coming for you on those next steps and the important role a literary agent plays in getting a book into your hands to finally read.

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I Spent the Fourth of July Writing. If you noticed the Patreon was quiet in early July, it was because I drove down to San Diego for four days of uninterrupted writing time. My friends Alex and Ryan offered me their home while they were traveling in Europe so while America was watching fireworks I was working on edit requests to the Rebel Heart manuscript sent by my agent.

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While in San Diego I got a chance to hang out with writers Jean Guerrero and Lizz Huerta. We are all represented by Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency so we refer to ourselves as ‘agency sisters.’ Jean’s book, Crux: A Cross-Border Memoir, just came out in July.

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I participated in Camp Nanowrimo. For the month of July I joined seven other women in a virtual online cabin as we each set and worked toward different writing goals. We were a group of poets, fiction writers, non-fiction & memoir writers, and playwrights too. My goal was to work for 40 hours on manuscript edits in the month of July. I logged 15 hours instead but even that was an achievement in a month as busy as this July was. I celebrated those hours because the purpose of all Nanowrimo events is to just keep putting one metaphoric foot in front of another when it comes to writing.

I hosted author Amy Ferris at a Writing Workshop in Mammoth Lakes. July 14 & 15th I held the second annual Amy Ferris Writing Workshop in Mammoth Lakes, California. I wrote with 12 amazing women for two full days and really poured my guts out onto paper. Check out this post I wrote for a feel of what to expect at one of Amy’s workshops.

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July Group Chat & Exclusive Content. This month I decided to start emailing exclusive content (available to patrons at $5/month +) and sent out my first email with two pieces I wrote during the workshop with Amy Ferris. The July Group Chat (for patrons $10/month+) was awesome too. We used Facebook and right now that has been my favorite way to interact with patrons when chatting. The ability to use gifs and the fact that users have profile photos make it easier (and more fun) to follow the chat than in Google Hangouts.

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Your Name In Lights! For patrons who joined in the month of July at the $2/month or higher level, I’ve updated my Supporters Page to include your first name and last initial. If I’ve missed your name, tell me, I’m human and make mistakes and won’t mind at all if you point out I’ve missed you!


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Life Stuff: C turned eight. Eric turned forty. In the middle of a whole lot of writing and forward progress on the Rebel Heart book, my oldest daughter, C, turned eight and my husband, Eric, had his fortieth birthday.

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Dear Patrons, thanks for being with me on this writing journey. I love sharing my writing and my life with you.

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{ The concept of a State of All Things was inspired by artist Amanda Palmer. You can read my first State of all Things post here. It describes why I’m following in her footsteps and doing a monthly update to my supporters. )