Monthly Retrospective | August 2018

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I hope you are enjoying a long, relaxing weekend. I’ve been pushing hard on edits of the Rebel Heart book including over this weekend too. Eric took the girls to a local campsite so I could work from home and write and then join them each night for dinner and hanging out by the campfire. He is awesome like that.

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At Sherwin Creek campground with my friend, Staci.

What follows is my monthly All the Things post. This is a recap of everything I did in the previous month in the writing world (and sometimes life too). I’m a patron of several artists myself on Patreon and I love it when they recap since I’m sometimes too busy to follow their posts as they happen. Enjoy and thanks for your support!

Monthly Retrospective | August 2018

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I worked on the media section of the Rebel Heart book. I’ve been working the section of the book that details the media coverage of our family’s rescue at sea in April of 2014 and my reaction to it. This was tough because I had to re-read and re-live all of the negative commentary along with the positive. You can read that post here.

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I holed up in a hotel in Bishop, California. Family life took over after the writing I did in the beginning of the month so I wasn’t able to complete the draft of the post-rescue section until Eric and I put our heads together and worked out a plan for me to go and write in solitude at a hotel in Bishop, a town an hour south of us for a long weekend. Patrons only post here.

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I celebrated the year anniversary of finishing the first full draft of the Rebel Heart book. And I wrote this post about that year marker and the new phase of life that comes with both of my kids being in school:

I’m staring at my screen because I’m sifting through waves of simultaneous expressions of joy at the freedom that time with my children gone from the home each day will give me and sorrow knowing that time is the enemy of us all. That my girls are growing before my very eyes. I am split between the deep desire to express myself through writing, alone, and to be present for my children in every way I can. The truth is I cannot completely do both so I do the best I can and hope it’s enough for them and for me.

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My review of Kim Brook’s book, Small Animals: Parenthood in the Age of Fear was timely, not only in relation to the section of the book dealing with the media and social media reactions to our rescue, but also with the new phase of parenting we are entering in as our kids are older and in school. I loved her book. You can read my review here and buy a copy of her book here.

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I spent a week writing at Wisdom Ridge Ranch. My agent got her feedback of the media section back to me in about a week and I was eager to start working on her comments. My friend, Amy Buck, who owns Wisdom Ridge Ranch offered to let me stay at her place while she was away so I had time to focus on the work.

While I was there I also sent in my application to the Sustainable Arts Foundation’s yearly award. The award goes to 20 artists and writers who have at least one child under the age of 18 and are actively creating work. Competition is steep, with over 3,000 applications a year, so fingers crossed I make it. They announce winners November 15th. Did you apply too? If you also applied, let me know. Would love to connect with fellow artists and parents.


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August Hangout Chat for $10+ Patrons: Took place Saturday, August 25th.

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Life Stuff: The girls started school and graduated to making their own lunches. We did a series of competitions over the summer to get them prepped for making their own lunches. You can watch them here: part one, part two, part three.

Thanks for being with me on this writing journey. I love sharing my writing and my life with you.

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{ The concept of a State of All Things was inspired by artist Amanda Palmer. You can read my first State of all Things post here. It describes why I’m following in her footsteps and doing a monthly update to my supporters. )