Sailing Book Recommendations | Sailing Books for Adults, Teens, and Children

I'm happy to announce I finally have a recommendations section on my website. I've included lists of sailing books for adults, children, and tweens and teens.

To find the recs, just go to the menu and select 'Faves.' You'll find the dropdown there for all three options.

Sailing Books Charlotte Kaufman.jpg

While I have not read every book on these pages, I have read a ton. If you see that I'm missing something essential, please, leave a comment on this post or contact me here. 

The tweens & teens section was tough because there's a huge disparity between what an 8 year old might like and an 18 year old. Likewise, plenty of teenagers would love the books I've classified as 'adult' and tons of adults would love the books in tweens & teens. 

All three sections have a mix of fiction and non-fiction, with the children's section being mostly fiction (and very fun.) 

I hope you enjoy perusing through my selections. Would love to hear more suggestions if you have any. 

If you are the author of a book and want me to link to your site instead of Amazon, I'll gladly do that!