4x4'ing in the Sherwin Range

We live in the middle of some beautiful wilderness. This was a day we decided to hop in Eric's Landcruiser and within minutes we were exploring the Sherwin Creek campground.

See if you can spot the mule deer in a lot of these pictures.

It was too pretty not to get out and explore, so we did.

I'm fairly certain someone had been there recently taking wedding photos. And what a perfect place to pick.

After awhile we got back in the car and decided to head up into the Sherwins. Might as well use the Landcruiser for what it is made for.

At one point we encountered a massive boulder in the road and Eric got out to inspect ways around it.

He eventually decided to move it. So here are some pictures of Eric moving something heavy.

You're welcome.

A storm was headed in so we eventually turned around, but not before seeing more deer.

There is nowhere to eat for cheap in Mammoth. The cheapest spot we've found is The Latin Market (yay, Mexican food!) but their burritos are just expensive as everywhere else. Get the tacos, and you're golden.

Happy adventuring!