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My essay is up today on HuffPost. A piece I wrote in response to Caroline Van Hemert's recent article in The New York Times about sailing Alaska's Inside Passage with toddlers as crew.

During our rescue at sea five years ago, the media and social media had a lot to say about mine and Eric's parenting. It took me five years to write the manuscript for my book about what happened aboard Rebel Heart and I'm ready to share our story and add my own voice to the narrative this time.

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"...modern parenting is a lose-lose scenario, where families who choose to raise children in the supposed safety of suburbia face criticism for overprotecting their offspring, and parents like Van Hemert and myself are accused of reckless endangerment. Our culture has decided to judge parents no matter what..

My husband and I are not bad parents, and I am not here to apologize. We also aren’t “good parents who made a bad choice” by sailing with our kids. Like Van Hemert and most sailing families, we were and are deeply engaged in our parenting. We were well-prepared and experienced sailors, who had a vessel full of redundancies, and when a cascading series of events took out all of our options save one, that fail-safe worked...

I am calling for an end to the sanctimonious handwringing about children’s safety when it comes to lifestyles different than our own. Enough with the false proclamations that mainstream American life is the default and safest option for raising families."

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