The Promise of Summer in Mammoth Lakes

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There is still snow six feet high across from our driveway and our backyard has patches thickly covered in snow too, but today, for the first time, all of Mammoth felt abuzz with the promise of summer. Tourists have arrived in their See-America RVs and in both of the grocery stores (we have TWO now!) you could hear different languages being spoken by visitors to the Eastern Sierra in every aisle.

We pulled out our summer furniture from under the house, along with our bikes and my paddleboard. The girls and I hosed everything down while Eric set up the slack line. We stopped by the nursery in town to see what potted flowers they have available (not much yet), but a delivery comes this Wednesday. Everywhere we went you could feel the frenetic, almost delirious energy of a town bursting with life after months of living with extreme snow and an unusually gray and dreary winter.

Eric is on bedtime duty. I've showered and have my feet up on the front deck. Each outdoor chair has a pillow covered with Sunbrella made by yours truly.

This is a tl;dr way of saying that life is good. The decaf I'm drinking is good. The weather is perfect. The rushing of the stream in our backyard is good.

Thanks to everyone for reaching out with support after Monday's Huffpost article about Rebel Heart. That too has been good. More soon to come.

Here's to summer. Here's to it being good.

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