Camp Nanowrimo - A Virtual Mammoth Writing Cabin Invite

I’m currently yearning for another writing getaway. I try to escape a few times a year to places where I’m either alone or with another writer who understands my creative process and leaves me alone for the day until my brain fizzes out around dinner time. The image above was taken at my friend, Sophie’s, Idyllwild cabin last July while I was working on an earlier draft of the REBEL HEART manuscript. I had stepped away from the computer and had my eyes locked on the ceiling beams trying to connect parts of the story. Sometimes a writing retreat is pounding on the keyboard. Sometimes it’s staring into the abyss and stringing it all together.

It will probably be August until I can physically get away to write again so I’ve set a goal to do a virtual writing escape for the month of July. I’ll be participating in Camp Nanowrimo which is the summer version of Nanowrimo’s annual November novel writing event. Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month (they take the first sound of each word to create Na No Wri Mo.) I’ve participated several times in the month long event, writing the first book and a half of my fantasy series during it. In the summer, Camp Nanowrimo is about setting a writing goal for one month and accomplishing it.

Camp Nanowrimo - A Mammoth Virtual Cabin - Charlotte Kaufman - 1.jpg

In July I’ve set my goal to complete manuscript revisions offered by my developmental editor on the REBEL HEART manuscript. I’ve created my own virtual cabin on Camp Nanowrimo’s website and can invite up to 19 others to join me there. Are you working on a writing project and want some group support? You can set your goal to be about word count, hours or minutes worked, or lines or pages written.

Camp Nanowrimo - A Mammoth Virtual Cabin - Charlotte Kaufman - 2.jpg

I love the flexibility of how you can set and accomplish your goal. If you’d like to join me, comment below or message me directly. As the image above shows, in order to join the cabin you’ll need to login to Camp Nanowrimo, make a defined project of your own, and follow the remaining steps shown above. Once you’ve done that, let me know and I’ll invite you in. Camp starts in 10 days!

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