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I drove down to San Diego on Christmas to stay alone for a few days at a friend’s house who is out of town. I’ve been doing my regular day job and working on edits. My agent already finished the line-by-line edit of part 1 and I just sent back all corrections to her. Now I wait for her work on parts 2 and 3 and I’ll send my responses back to her as soon as I possibly can.

I’m staying at my friend, Katie’s house. She is a patron too. Hello, Katie! She has a darling dog named Jake, and I take him on frequent walks when I need to stretch my legs and give my recovering hand a break. 

Walking Jake yesterday in Clairemont, a neighborhood in San Diego.

Walking Jake yesterday in Clairemont, a neighborhood in San Diego.

So it’s been a couple of days since I’ve talked to Eric. When I go away I really go away. Eric and I can go for 2, 3, 5, sometimes 6 or 7 days without talking when we travel. We both get ‘in the zone’ and I know that might seem weird to some, but it works for us. The whole point of leaving is to focus on whatever we’re doing. Eventually, we start to miss each other and the kids. 

Today on one of my Jake walks I called Eric and he asked me how it was going. And I said, “I’m so close. So close to being done.” 

He said, “It does feel like that for you. You’ve been working your ass off.”

And I have. Writing a book is a ton of work but I’m rounding a corner now and it’s exciting. The edits are small changes. 

- Fix a sentence here. 

- Double check a fact there. 

- Add a little bit more feeling as opposed to relying on metaphor in one spot.

- Smooth out a transition in another.

This is new and it’s exhilarating because it means some of the hardest parts of this step, the edit letter step (which can sometimes be multiple edit letters) is coming to completion. I’ll keep you posted along the way, but I can feel the beginning of 2019 just around the corner and we’ll be heading into a next step of getting the Rebel Heart book published soon.

Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your support. 

Have a fantastic New Year. See you in 2019!!

All the best,


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November: holidays, writing update, and carpal tunnel surgery

Hello friends!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday break with limited family drama and lots of down time. For Thanksgiving, we talked to our kids about what really happened on Thanksgiving and discussed why they learn a white-washed version of the story in school and then we talked about what ‘white-washed’ means. I posted a bunch of links here on Facebook if you want to check them out. I also suggest reading Daniel Quinn’s, Ishmael, to get a feel for how the voice of mother culture repeats narratives that aren’t true. There is a YA version of the book too, called My Ishmael as well.

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Our friends all ate at their holiday meals at their own places and then came over to ours in the evening for snacks, drinks, dessert, and board games. We played Ticket To Ride – Rails & Sails (the Great Lakes version) and two of the oldest of our group’s kids joined us (and almost won!)

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The very next day while Eric was on the mountain snowboarding (yes, we have snow here and enough to ski and snowboard!) the girls and I put up the winter holiday decorations. I put them up early because the lights help keep me out of the worst of seasonal depression. You gotta do what you gotta do. It’s basically hygge and if you haven’t heard of hygge I suggest you google it right away!

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I also did it because this coming Monday, 12/3, I’m having carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist. I’ve been treating it with steroid shots every six months for the past two years because I really wanted to finish the Rebel Heart manuscript before I was out of commission on typing for a bit. The surgery, however, is the best long term option for someone who writes for a living and is physically active too (I miss doing push-ups and knuckle push-ups hurt!)

Day 2, hour 8 of editing.   : pours more coffee and gets to work :

Day 2, hour 8 of editing. : pours more coffee and gets to work :

So the manuscript, where am I on that you ask?

I’m almost done with the current rounds of edits from my agent. I needed to do a complete read through and I’ve done that with part 1 and part 2 of the manuscript. I spent six hours on Saturday and six hours on Sunday at the local co-working space to accomplish that. Tonight and tomorrow I’ll go in the evening for about three hours each night to finish the read through and required edits on part 3 and then I’ll send it back to the agent. 

It will be perfect timing as far as the carpal tunnel surgery goes because when the agent gets the manuscript back from me, she’ll be doing her own line-by-line read through, and that will take time. So I’ll rest and heal my wrist while she does her reviewing magic.

But when is the book coming out? We’ll submit after the first of the year though because pretty soon the whole publishing world will be on vacation or otherwise busy for the upcoming holiday season. Trust me, I’m gonna keep you posted! Publishing a book takes time and the supporters of authors are the most loyal and patient fans there are because of this. Thank you for patience, your support, and joining me on this journey together!

All the best,


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