Back from Death Valley

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Hi friends! We are back from death valley and slowly unpacking and doing loads of laundry. Unfortunately I used my wrist too much while camping. I'm not sure what I even did to re-injure it. Maybe lifting water bottles, the 2.5 gallon ones, or carrying grocery bags, but I thought after a month post-surgery I could carry light loads. Turns out I was wrong. My wrist is swollen and hurts and I can't use it currently while it heals again.

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I've got my follow-up appointment with the surgeon this Tuesday so hopefully he'll say I just need to rest it. In the meantime I'm writing this post with voice to text in my Gmail client, then I'll copy and paste it here. Please forgive any typos or weirdness with the way this is written as it's really spoken.

(They only look like mean, tough guys :) )

(They only look like mean, tough guys :) )

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The image above is of my friend Ryan reading the most current draft of the rebel heart manuscript. Ryan was mentioned in the exclusive content I sent in April. It was on his boat that Eric took me to Catalina for the first time. Ryan and Eric are close friends and were each others best men at their respective weddings. Ryan is also the girls' godfather. I brought the manuscript to the camp out and asked him to review all the parts he's in for accuracy.

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We rented a group campsite at panamint springs in death valley and the group site included this little stage. My oldest, Cora, wrote some mini plays while we were there and all the kids performed them over the course of a few days.

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We also hit up the nearby sand dunes which were perfect to visit in the winter. I'll be sharing a few more images over the next couple of days on social media since it's easier to post a pic then write right now.

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Hope you had a wonderful New year. I'll let you know how the doctor's visit goes. Here's hoping I heal quickly. No more lifting anything. at all. LOL

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