Angry Heart and a Chest Cold

No makeup, poor lighting, chest cold – selfie.

No makeup, poor lighting, chest cold – selfie.

Hello friends,

Has anyone else been cycling through despondency and anger with the circus of the Kavanaugh hearings so fresh in our hearts and minds? Because I have. I don’t have many words of comfort nowadays. What I do have is an awakened sense of urgency. To speak out, speak up. To not be quiet or let moments of correction slip by because it would be more comfortable and easier to say nothing.

So I write, and I fight, and I keep going. Even with this chest cold, I’m writing. I’m submitting the long #MeToo piece I wrote in Los Angeles, the one about raising daughters in the #MeToo era for publication. I’ll keep you posted. I’m writing another piece about how sexual abuse and sexual assault has far reaching effects and results in lifelong trauma. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to express all the thoughts and words in my head.

Through it all, I work on (and am almost done) with my round of edits for the Rebel Heart book. 

Back to my first sentence, if you find yourself like me, circling between despondency and anger, I recommend following Margo Stebbing and Isabel Abbott on Patreon. I find their words and works sustaining. 

Stay strong,


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