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The Nowhere Child

by Christian White

I first heard about Australian author Christian White’s book, The Nowhere Child, through a post on my friend, Torre DeRoche’s Facebook page. She was celebrating the success of his debut novel and explained that Christian is her brother-in-law and Torre, her sister, and Christian had all been a part of a writing group together as he was writing this book. (I reviewed Torre’s book, The Worrier’s Guide to the end of the World here.) After having read both of Torre’s books (she is also the author of Love with a Chance of Drowning) and now Christian’s too, I really wish I could join their writing group because it produces amazing results.

The Nowhere Child is a thriller that is so grounded in the possible that the story always feels like it’s happening right over your shoulder. These characters could be your friends, family, even you. At first I was hesitant to read a book about the disappearance of a child. As the mother of two young daughters I didn’t want to read something that might give me nightmares, but The Nowhere Child is a fascinating read, and not one I needed to be scared of. Christian’s book is suspenseful, dark, and gripping all while deftly avoiding the sometimes voyeuristic feel that can happen in crime story novels.  It’s no wonder it won Australia’s 2017 Victorian Premier's Literary Award. I hope this book gets movie rights because I’d love to see it portrayed on the big screen.

Summary: two giant thumbs up for this debut novel from Christian White. Pick up a copy of The Nowhere Child today and immerse yourself in the story of who took Sammy Went.

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