Writing in Los Angeles - Dark Days and Bright Spots

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Friends! I’m writing in a gorgeous apartment in Beverly Hills, California right now. My friend Alexia is letting me write here while she is traveling. Thank you, Alexia!

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This isn’t her place but it’s in the neighborhood and it has rainbow trim on the arch. I LOVE IT!

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The streets are lined with these gorgeous trees. Does anyone know what they are? I’m pet sitting this darling dog, Poppy.

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Poppy has been pivotal for me these past few days. I came here to work on the Rebel Heart book and instead spent the last two days writing another piece about parenting as a survivor of sexual abuse in the age of #MeToo, #BelieveWomen, #WhyIDidntReport, and how the Kavanaugh hearings have affected those things as well. (You can read the first post here and the follow up here).

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(Post about this photo here).

There has been tears and day-drinking. I’ve written about abuse and assault that I’ve never written about before and I have so much more to say. I’m looking to place this piece so I’ll keep you posted. Through it all, Poppy snuggled up close.


Do you follow Amanda Palmer on Patreon? I do. And yesterday she put a call out on her Patreon for back-up singers to sing on the album she is recording in Los Angeles right now. I volunteered and today got to meet and sing with her and a big group of like-minded fans.

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Photo by Amanda Palmer.

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Amanda is awesome. Patreon is awesome.


If you are like me and most of my friends right now, your heart probably feels heavy. If so, I send you love. Look for the bright spots where you can find them and take care of yourself. Back to work on Rebel Heart edits. I’ll let you know how it is going.

All the best,


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