A Mod Circles Baby Quilt for Alexis

Part of the fun of quilting is getting to work and create things with beautiful fabric. Another part I love is making handmade, high-quality gifts for friends and family. Quilts last a long time; they're a bespoke craft that can be passed down for generations, or at the very least, are generally hardy enough to last through a baby's entire childhood.

Now when friends tell me they're pregnant, I cheer. I cheer because I'm not pregnant anymore and I cheer because I get to make them something delightful. And so it was that I approached my friend, Alexis, about what kind of quilt she may like as a gift for the birth of her second child. After some discussion, she told me she really liked this quilt. It's called Mod Circles Appliqued Baby Quilt by Lindsey Rhodes of LR Stitched. Alexis said she loved the pattern and that I had free rein to pick the fabrics & colors. 

I started working on this quilt after recovering from my surgery in the beginning of May. C helped me place the petals on the circles once they were all cut. The kid has an eye for this.

Note to anyone who decides to follow this pattern: pay attention when placing your circles and/or use water soluble ink. I was off by an inch on one of the rows, but I caught it, and my trusty erasable pen solved the problem.

In the four months I took to complete this quilt (hey, life was busy), my woven tags finally arrived. Victoria Leone of Red Wave Creative, designed these for me. She's also the designer for my blog logo. I used Dutch Label Shop for the production and couldn't be happier.

Alexis is a big fan of DIY and really lives the ethos of reduce, reuse, recycle. When she said that I could choose the fabric and colors, I decided to make the petals out of my stash of designer fabric scraps. The back of the quilt is composed of two large pieces of fabric, one that I've had in my stash for years just waiting for the right the project, and one that was extra fabric from another baby quilt I recently finished (post on that one coming soon.) The only part of this fabric that was purchased explicitly for the quilt was the background fabric for the front, Bella Solids in Ruby Ice, and a yellow batik for the quilt binding.

Some women send their husbands sexy selfies while they're at work. I send him pics of me binding quilts by hand...

Some women send their husbands sexy selfies while they're at work. I send him pics of me binding quilts by hand...

A thing of beauty, no?

I got the chance to hand deliver this (a lot of my friends live on distant shores.) My girlfriends and I planned a surprise baby shower/going away party for Alexis. She was moving to Tacoma a few weeks before our move to Mammoth. This was our way to say bon voyage. Huge thanks to our friend, Christina, for hosting. Her home and her hosting are amazing.

We waited for Alexis to arrive. Her husband, Melvin, was in on the surprise and unbelievably, we actually managed to surprise her (after weeks of planning.)

I love the look on her face in this gif. She was blown away that Melvin had been able to keep the party a secret.

It was a good night, with good friends. I'll miss these people.

And Alexis and Melvin loved the quilt. Win!