YESSSSSSSSSSS - Loan Funded - Closing This Week!

{ This post was written on August 6, 2016 but is just now being published. }

We got the news on Tuesday that they finished with underwriting (after the VA appraisal was approved) and that the loan would be funding sometime this week. It funded on Thursday and we signed the loan docs which started the 72 hour mandatory waiting period before we could close. Of course even AFTER the 72 hour waiting period passes, we'll still have a few more hurdles but nothing that will stop the loan from closing, just paperwork, paperwork.

You know what this means? It means it's happening. It's REALLY happening. At dinner on Tuesday we told the girls with surety that we were really moving to Mammoth. Until that moment, we had always told them that it might not happen. No more. We all cheered! Lyra has asked day after day when we were moving to our Mammoth Home. "Is it TODAY? TODAY?" This time we told her, 'not today, but next week!'

Our current plan is to drive up on Friday the 12th. Friday morning I'm going to wake up early just so the first thing I say to the girls when they wake up is 'now TODAY is the day we're moving!' 

I don't know how well you can see this photo, but these are our happy faces. We managed to also have a babysitter scheduled for the night the loan funded. Here's us bursting with happiness right before the new Bourne movie starts.

I don't know how well you can see this photo, but these are our happy faces. We managed to also have a babysitter scheduled for the night the loan funded. Here's us bursting with happiness right before the new Bourne movie starts.

Tuesday night I slept better than I've slept in weeks. At last I can really look at things as a 'last.' Like the last time I had to do a daily 45 minute commute to drop the girls off and back up from their schools. The last shopping trip at my local Target and Trader Joes (the closest of either of these stores is 3 hours away in Carson City, Nevada. It will be a long time before I see them again). The last time I'll sweep up all the pine needles from our back porch. The last time I'll clean our bathroom :)

Yesterday I took the girls on a walk through South Park to visit my friend Lizz. We walked past the house I lived in when Eric and I said 'I love you' for the first time. I drive past the house all the time because it's in our neighborhood, but this time it felt bittersweet. Standing before me were the two human beings we produced from a deep mutual love, and they were directly in front of the house where so much of our adventure began. I explained the significance and took these photos and then Lyra asked for a drink of water and if we 'were there yet.' We weren't, so we continued our walk and I tamped down happy tears as I watched my daughters stride confidently ahead of me.

The 'lasts' keep coming. There are the birthdays that we won't celebrate again in San Diego.

Katie's, Eric's, Rich's.

C's last piano class with my friend and one amazing teacher, Alexis.

Last trip to the San Diego dentist (we've loved Dr. Nora at Point Loma Children's Dentistry.)

The girls had their last check ups with Dr. Shailam.

Dr. Shailam has been our family doctor for years. She and her assistant, Jorge, have taken care of us well. When we came back to San Diego when Lyra was sick and after losing Rebel Heart, the Navy drove us straight to Dr. Shailam to transfer care from the Pararescuemen who had cared for her, to Dr. Sunita. As we left I looked at the spot where we had last stood with the four men who risked their lives to care for my baby and I asked Dr. Shailam to take another photo.

I can never say thank you enough to Nate, Eric, Miles, and Klay, but I'll keep trying.

April 2014

August 2016

When I got home from that appointment I emailed the PJs the updated photos. If you didn't already know, last year, the amazing man on the left of the photo, Pararescuman Nathan Schmidt, died in a skydiving accident. His friend, Pat Gault, wrote this moving tribute about him in Havok Journal. RIP, big, tall Nate. You are missed.

It won't be long now before we leave San Diego. The news of the loan funding is joyous, but I'm holding deeply the knowledge that there are many I will miss. Especially my brother, Rich. Rich has always, always been there for me. I've tried to always be there for him too. He is not thrilled that we're moving 8 hours away, but I keep telling him he'll like Mammoth and that he better come and visit.

He has been doing what Rich does best, helping. Rich, thank you so much.

Time to finish more lasts. Like my last few sewing projects completed in the San Diego house. More on those soon.

And there is the solar system wall that needs to be repainted. Props to C for carefully helping me take down the planets and the ABCs as well and to Lyra for always wanting to help clean. 

More soon!