The Bunk Bed is Done!!

{ Find Part 2 of this Ikea Mydal bunk bed project here. Find Part 3 here. }

Words cannot describe how happy I was when the girls' bunk bed was finally put together and ready for them to sleep in. Someone asked me why I was spending so much time on this project. Here are the reasons I worked my ass off:

  1. This bed was given to us for free. As no one else was lining up to give us a bunk bed, and I wanted a white one, I took the time to paint the one we got. We were given an Ikea Mydal bunk bed.

  2. I knew a white bed would brighten the entire room up.

  3. There was no way I was going to go through all the trouble of putting primer and and paint on the wood and then NOT follow it up with a sealer of some sort. I knew that little hands would start to leave dirt/grease marks in high traffic areas, so I added additional time to the project to include two coats of a polyurethane sealant.

  4. This was going to be the girls' room for possibly years to come. I really wanted to do a bang-up job so they'd love their room and I could feel proud of it too.

These photos were all taken on different days. (I kept changing into those specific clothes since I didn't want to get paint on everything I owned.) Time and weather were the biggest constraints in getting this done quickly. Well, that and having the rest of the house to unpack and two small children.

In the mornings it was too damn cold to go out and get started early. I'd get a coat on by 10 or 11 in the morning and then I'd need to wait 3 hours or so to do another coat (and remember I had to do the front AND the back of all the wood pieces. I'd need to be done by 5ish each night because the craziest winds would start up every evening. They were powerful and made it a nightmare to try to paint anything during them. If you've experienced the Coromueles of La Paz, they reminded me exactly of that type of wind.

Finally, 13 days after starting, I was done and ready to assemble it all.

Here's a quick round-about glimpse of the girls' room before starting.

And here's a before pic and all the parts and hardware assembled, mise en place.

It took me several hours, and having to call Eric and his muscles in a few times, but I got that sucker assembled.

A man at work, with biceps like that, is a thing of beauty, no?

A man at work, with biceps like that, is a thing of beauty, no?

My joy at a project well done was palpable. And the best part? The bed fit exactly into the space I had hoped it would. I thought for awhile that we'd need to saw off some of the ends, but it fit with about a 1/2" of space on either side of the wall. Eric told me to enjoy that, because I'd never get that lucky with a project again. LOL

Seriously, look, we slid a piece of folded cardboard into the gap between the bed and the wall and we were good to go.

Part two of this project is bedding (of course!) and a sweet privacy curtain I made for Lyra's bottom bunk.

{ Find Part 2 of this Ikea Mydal bunk bed project here. Find Part 3 here. }