Day 6 - Bone Tired

Eric driving the empty UHaul down to the drop off in Bishop, California.

By our sixth day in Mammoth, I'd reached the level of tired where everything ached. After 8 weeks of going, going, going & packing up in San Diego, then the long drive and unpacking the Uhaul, and finally trying to move into a new house, Eric and I felt like we'd been moving non-stop.

By day 5 post-move, Eric had his office set up, which was good because we both started back to work on day 6 (telecommuting.) And yes, he looks like he has a robotic arm in that before pic and no, I don't know what he is holding.

I had gotten the girls' room in decent shape but was still working on their bunk bed. That project was killing me. It was so time consuming.

 The first week we moved to a new house was NOT a week I wanted to spend 2-3 hours a day on painting. But I did. Boooooo.  I knew it would be worth it in the end, (and it was) so I told myself to keep trucking. 

My room was a total mess. I'd got my clothes unpacked so there was that. But I hadn't been able to set up a writing work space or a sewing work space. That needed to change, STAT, but again, lack of time. We call this 'my' room because even though Eric and I both sleep in here, his office is sort of his defacto room/space, and this room will be mine. I'm planning for a large work table and smaller stations for my sewing machines. Eric just basically keeps his clothes in here and visits at night :)

I think this entire post was really written just to say, 'hot damn, I was stressed by this point of the move, or post-move.' You'd think maybe all the prep in SD would have been what stressed me out, or the actual days of the move itself, but it was this period once we'd arrived, when I began to really get edgy and irritable.

I think the two things that drove me over the edge were the kitchen and the bunk bed project. When we moved in I expected the house to be clean, but I should have remembered that people have different definitions of the word clean. The fridge and the interior kitchen cabinets were a mess. I spent about three hours JUST cleaning the fridge. It's an older model and not optimally designed space-wise but it's ours, and it'll do just fine until it doesn't anymore. It was just so dirty. On day 1 of living there, I had to scour that puppy. C spent a lot of time in the kitchen with me. She is also detail-orientated so it was nice to have her wiping things down while I worked.

Before I could clean the interior of all the kitchen cabinets, I had to empty them first. The house came partially furnished and the kitchen was pretty much 100% stocked. C and I took everything out and went though what we wanted to keep and what we would give away. We kept very little. Mainly because we already had items that were in the kitchen or because we didn't need things like margarita glass sets. While I love margaritas as much as the next person, our storage space is extremely limited so anything superfluous got the boot.

A sample of some of the things we gave away.

After emptying the kitchen entirely, I spent hours cleaning each cabinet, vacuuming, wiping them down and scrubbing them. I'm now intimately familiar with every inch of our land galley. All in all I probably spent an entire day's worth of my time cleaning the kitchen. I hadn't mentally prepared for that and that's part of what stressed me out. Maybe that is par for the course in a big move, but we haven't ever moved into a home like this before. I guess I just figured everything would be (my definition) of spic n' span. After removing and sorting all the existing kitchenware, and then cleaning, it was time to unpack all our kitchen stuff.

6 year old handwriting and spelling just melts me.

My method of organizing is getting absolutely everything out in the open and then sorting it from there. C helped me unpack and group it all. We spent several hours one day doing this. 

It was mentally exhausting to get everything moved into place. I wanted to try to not have to rearrange things after the initial move in (at least not too much) so I exerted an incredible amount of brain power thinking about how we would flow around the kitchen, and analyzing the best place to put things like a lunch prep station, where we would do the majority of cooking, and where people would tend to eat or hang out. In the end, I feel like I nailed it, but truly, by the end of the first week I was exhausted.

In between sorting out the kitchen I took regular breaks so C wouldn't lose interest. We decided to investigate the couch that was in my bedroom. I knew I wouldn't need one down there so I wanted to figure out if we were going to keep it or give it away. It was covered in this strange fabric wrap, so I figured the underlying fabric was ruined or in some way in need of being covered.

NOPE!!! It was the matching couch to the one upstairs. I was thrilled! We now had the perfect amount of seating and no need to buy anything for the living room. C and I played around with placement and eventually decided on an L-shaped configuration in the living room.

I managed to make it to yoga on day 5. We joined the gym on the first day we moved here. Budgeting for a family membership was a top priority for us, and the gym is a 15 minute walk from our door to the gym's front door. Can't beat that. Just needed to find time to go. It was really hard to pull myself away from unpacking and organizing. Until things are set up just so, I find it incredibly hard to relax or focus on anything else. However when I start snapping at people because my temper is going from 0 to 10 in record time, I know I need to fall back on classic relaxation techniques, for me those are: yoga, more sleep, exercise, sex, and trying to find some kind of order in the environment around me.

A friend just recently shared this article about what stresses out the different Myers-Briggs personality types. I'm an ESTJ. This list is dead on concerning things that stress me out:

What stresses out an ESTJ:
– Being in an environment that is in disarray
– Frequent disruptions
– Irrational behavior
– Being surrounded by (or guilty of) incompetence
– Unexpected changes
– Lack of control
– Laziness in others
– Not having their strongly held values validated
– Guilt over being critical towards others
– Dealing too long with abstract or theoretical concepts
– Being in a highly-charged emotional environment for too long

The good news about this stress was none of it was related to any kind of second guessing of the move. At 6 days in, we were bone tired, but each giddily happy about our decision. And while I was spending an inordinate amount of time getting the house set up, we still found time to explore our town and enjoy our new surroundings.

My next post is all about the bunk bed. It's done and it's gorgeous.