New Blog, New Adventure

New: Welcome to my inaugural post on a new blog.

But what about Rebel Heart, you ask? The state of my corazon rebelde is strong, I assure you. In fact, I'm posting this on the day my family embarks on a brand new adventure. New adventures call for new beginnings; I hope you join me on this one.

Prepping the San Diego house for departure.

Prepping the San Diego house for departure.

And Eric, what about Eric's blog? Never fear. I'm pretty certain Eric will write again. I'm not sure when he'll make his first post, but it will be on his own site. We never coordinated our posts on Rebel Heart, nor knew when/what the other was going to write about. Interestingly, we both had independently set up our own new sites before mentioning it to each other. This doesn't surprise me. It was always a delicate balance maintaining the largeness of both our personalities on one website. I'd want to take the style/pages/links one way, and he'd want to go another. This way, we're both free to do as we will, and I'll be sure to link to his blog so you can easily find him when he does begin to write.

[UPDATE: here's a link to Eric's blog! ]


Take a look around at what I have available on this site. In the top menu you'll find links to published writing (a list I hope keeps growing), a link to this blog, an About Me page, and of course, a Contact page. Coming soon: a page that highlights my sewing projects and a page of people, places, and things I recommend.


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That New Adventure I Mentioned

I scheduled this blog post to go out Friday morning, but we'll be on the road so I hope it works! We spent all day Thursday cleaning and packing up and we crashed out on pallets on the floor since everything was packed. 

More details tomorrow (as long as the internet works.) Sorry for any suspense, but it's late and it'll take another whole post to explain. Hasta mañana!