Four More Boxes | Chipping Away at Packing

{ This post was written on July 17, 2016 but is just now being published. }

We celebrated C's sixth birthday today. After a wonderful day at the park we all headed home, showered, rested, and then got back to the grind of slowly chipping away at packing. 

Last night I took down all the picture frames from our gallery walls and wiped and dusted them so they were nice and clean. Bye bye, gallery walls!

From this:

To this!

Clean as a whistle.

Clean as a whistle.

I painstakingly wrapped all the frames from the Gallery Wall and all of our larger art pieces from around the entire house. I remember how often artwork and frames are usually forgotten in moves. At the very end things are plucked off walls and tossed haphazardly into cars or open boxes. Not for this move.

Every frame small enough to reasonably fit in boxes got packed. I wrapped the bigger frames individually and have everything tucked away in our bedroom upstairs to keep the potential glass hazard away from the kids.

I managed to do all of this while my children entertained themselves. It was amazing. The older they get, the more freedom we all have. They gain independence, and so do I. Yesssssssss. This is good stuff, I tell you.

The emptied shelves and boxes slowly piling up keep us all in a simmering state of excitement. Are we setting ourselves up for failure by packing before the close of escrow? I truly hope not. Cross your fingers we aren't jinxing things. I'm pretty sure I've crossed the threshold of 'I'll just unpack if the sale falls through.' The urge for a new adventure is too much. We'll have to go somewhere or implode.

Today I had a moment to go to Target alone and while getting things on my list I was channeling my old nautical days of provisioning. I grabbed three bottles of face wash and the same in my favorite body lotion. I kept my head swiveling, what else will I need? What else won't be available up there?

On the way home I started laughing out loud. There might not be a Target, but there's an eff'ing grocery store and a pharmacy. They'll sell face wash. It's not like I'm cruising the Sea of Cortez. Old habits die hard. I think the similar level of excitement of leaving before a passage just has me completely in the same mindset as the old days.

But this move is very different from preparing for a sailing trip and I'll have to get used to a new adventure and a new way of doing things. For now, though, I'll get to Mammoth with a lot of extra face wash :)