The Bunk Bed - Part 2

{ Find Part 1 of this Ikea Mydal bunk bed project here. Find Part 3 here. }

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Initially I said that part two of the bunk bed chronicles would highlight the bedding and the privacy panel I made for Lyra's berth, but I lied. Upon reviewing the photos, I must share some of the work I did prior to sorting out the bedding. I'm too type A to skip this part. 

After all the time I spent painting the individual pieces of the bunk bed, there were still random bits I missed. C pointed them out almost immediately, because she thinks like me. 

I set out to remedy that as quickly as possible. Oh, those red, blue, and yellow stick things are magnets. The girls figured out they could stick them on the hardware of the bunk bed.

I was also one board short on the top bunk. I cut out a piece to match the length and approximate width of the other boards and installed and painted that too.

Once I got that last board installed, I popped one of the headboards I had custom made for the girls' last bed in San Diego into the space between the mattress and the bed. This worked out well because the mattress I had on the top bunk was 8" shorter than a traditional twin. Here you can see the 4" gap on either side of the mattress.  

C wanted the headboard on the east end of the bed, but on the west end, where the ladder led up to the bed, she didn't want a mirrored version of the other headboard. No, she needed space for books. ALL THE BOOKS. To enable this, I cut out, painted, and installed a board to fit over the last two slots, creating a nice nook for her to put whatever series she is reading currently.

Speaking of books, next up was reading lights for each girl's bunk. I had an Ikea Fillsta lamp already, so I took out the legs and flipped it upside down. That one went in Lyra's berth. I mean bunk.  

I wanted a similar style lamp for C's berth. I mean bunk. However, the nearest Ikea to me is in Los Angeles, or maybe Sacramento, when the Tioga Pass is open. Of course, Amazon saved the day. I got this Lightingsky Ceiling Pendant lamp and went to work.

{ Find Part 1 of this Ikea Mydal bunk bed project here. Find Part 3 here. }