Day 1 of living in Mammoth Lakes, California

{ This post was written on August 12, 2016 but is just now being published. }

As you can probably imagine, neither Eric nor I slept well last night. Sleeping on the floor was torture for my hips and my lower back. I laid awake, tossing and turning, my mind whizzing through everything. Through ALL.THE.THINGS. I couldn't stop thinking about our final day, and about the fact I was leaving a city that I had called home for 20 years; that's over half my life. 

Eric fell asleep around 11pm but I stayed awake a full two hours more staring up into the dark. I know I fell asleep around 1am because Eric got up at that time, finally having had enough of sleeping on the floor himself. Our plan was that Eric would get up and leave around 5:00am and leave ahead of us. His Land Cruiser goes slow enough as it is. With pulling the Uhaul, he'd go at a snail's pace. We figured if he got a head start, we might all end up there at the same time. 

Instead of leaving at 5:00am, he left at 1:00am, right as I was finally able to fall asleep for just a few hours. I set my alarm for 5:30am and groggily got up and moving. Just as I switched on the lights, my phone beeped. It was a text from my brother Rich who was outside in the alley. He knew what time I was planning on leaving and had driven over to help me pack up and to say goodbye one last time. He did this unasked. I was 100% surprised, but elated to see him and to have the help. 

After a final walk through the house and buckling two very sleepy girls into car seats, I gave Rich a giant hug and pulled away from our San Diego house for the last time. The sun was just peeking up over roof tops as I slowly drove down the streets of Golden Hill (my neighborhood in San Diego) toward the 94 east. My arms tingled with emotion. I love this city. San Diego is where I came of age as a woman. It's where I met and fell in love with Eric. Where Cora was born. San Diego is the place we came back to re-start our lives after losing Rebel Heart.

It was time to leave there, and so I did.

We drove up the 15 north and pulled over at a Starbucks in Tierrasanta to grab coffee for me and breakfast sandwiches all around. Of course after asking for breakfast sandwiches, the girls then did not want them. That was okay. I ended up eating theirs over the long drive and the girls devoured the snacks I'd packed for the drive.

Instead of stressing about getting up to Mammoth in record time, I took the opposite approach. If I was going to have to drive two girls and myself in a car chock-full of household goods, I was going to be super chill. We pulled over to pee frequently. If anyone had a hankering to stretch their legs, I stopped. Gas breaks, snack breaks. You name it.

We only hit traffic once somewhere in San Bernadino. It didn't last long and we were soon zipping along again.

It took us 10.5 hours, but we got to Mammoth feeling pretty zen'ed out. Eric had arrived about two hours ahead of us and, bless him, he had already unpacked over half of the Uhaul. The girls were so excited to see the new place. Out came the camera and we followed them around exploring their new digs.

It was fun to see the house through the kids' eyes.

After dreaming of a couch for over 9 years, I finally have one. A COUCH. 

As luck would have it, the house is partially furnished. This is incredibly handy as over the last two years of being back from sailing we have accrued very little material possessions. All of the furniture you see in these pictures came with the house. What a relief. Each piece is one less thing we need to buy.

We decided to bust ass and get the Uhaul and cars fully unpacked before heading out to eat. 

When we were finally ready, we headed to Mammoth Brewing Company and I swear food and beer have never tasted so good. All of us, even the picky 3 year old practically licked our plates clean. Our hunger was the culmination of six weeks' worth of effort and with that meal, we were finally sated.

On the way back home we stopped at the gym and got a family membership. This is something we had purposefully budgeted for in this move. Eric and I place a huge importance on fitness and we weren't going to do a move that would leave us too strapped to afford going to the gym. Every family has their priorities, this is one of ours.

It has been a long, and very worthwhile day. Headed to bed happily tucked away in our new home.