“…a manifesto of parenting steeped in compassion rather than derision.”

-Author Caroline Van Hemert on my recent HuffPost article about Rebel Heart

In 2014 my husband and I, along with our two young daughters, set sail for a long-planned crossing of the Pacific Ocean on our sailboat, Rebel Heart. A cascading series of events led to us calling for a rescue, a decision that saved our youngest and also resulted in the loss of our boat (and only home), caused an international media firestorm about sailing & parenting.

My recent article in the Huffpost is the first time I’ve spoken publicly about the events since our interview with This American Life in their May 2014 episode called Call for Help. In the HuffPost piece I call for ‘an end to the sanctimonious handwringing about children’s safety when it comes to lifestyles different than our own.’

Rebel Heart book: I've just finished the manuscript of my real-life adventure story of life aboard Rebel Heart and am represented by agents Aemilia Phillips and David Patterson of Stuart Krichevsky Literary Agency.

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